"C.P.R." Coastal Paranormal Researchers founded by Jay Cienki. As our team leader, Jay has over 20 years of experience, His team has investigated many residential locations and properties, and was the first to investigate the Elgin Casket Company in Chicago, Il., Evil Intentions, Dream Reapers and many others. C.P.R. will be visiting many new locations and upon occupants approval will be providing  our documented research, pictures, recordings and evidence on our website and Facebook page.

If you have a haunted location that you would like our team to investigate or simply have questions regarding a possible paranormal occurrence please feel free to contact us. There is never a charge for these services, a pre-investigation will be done on  residential locations first.

Entity caught on camera in Chicago Il.


C.P.R. was investigating the lost African American cemetery, We started getting major hits on both our EMF devices and major temp swings. We were deep in the woods with absolutely NO LIGHT SOURCES, with my k2 I was able to track an energy moving about 7ft. in the air through the treeline towards Jocelyn, Although it could not be seen with our eyes, our photos captured this huge amazing light/ orb that moved over Jocelyn. As it completely disappeared over her, in the photo her (Jocelyn) face transforms into some kind of hazy creature. It was a very heavy dreaded feeling in the air. Once again we were deep in the woods with no source of power lines or light in the lost African American cemetery.

These 2 pictures were taken at a haunted residence in Seville Fl.  It is a very foggy night, the first picture just shows a lot of fog but the very next picture shows what can be made out as a face. More video and EVP evidence of inside the house to come soon.

This is a photo of Roy Cooks grave we found online from years back. A different photographer with different camera on overcast day. But at the bottom of the grave you can see the same results we got of some anomaly or energy tail.

Side Show Nightmares very own skeleton "Eugene" has been caught many times with his head turned. When we would leave his room upon re-entering we would find him with his head turned. This happened all the time so we checked him out and found that it was very tough to turn his head, it was on very tight so it was not loose. Finally we checked our home surveillance videos. One of the first times it happens we had just left the house and we can see our cats in another room reacting to something in Eugene's room, possibly a noise of some kind and then within 7 seconds he turns his head. We decided to film him after this became routine. Here is one of the videos.  

A bank we (C.P.R.) paid a visit too in Waupaca Wisconsin. It has not been used in decades and is left untouched. While in use in the 1800's the banker was in the back room at the close of business counting the days take by candlelight. Two broke local drunken men gazed through the window planning to take the money. As the banker put the take into the safe, The two men came in from behind and beheaded the banker. Now at night as you pass the bank, one can see the headless banker moving around inside the structure then fade away.

Elgin Casket Company
EVP session
EVP session
evp session

Location: Elgin, Il. Old casket Co. In this photo C.P.R. was getting very clear EVP's. It was threatening my life by name very very clear and loud. We were able to follow a cold spot using a thermo and was mixed with very high EMF across the room and up the stairs that led to noplace. There was not a door or anything at the top of that landing.This building to this day is a very haunted location. C.P.R. was the first team to investigate this paranormal gem. Now you can book paranormal tours and poke around with a K2 for a charge. However it is VERY HAUNTED by MANY different spirit, entities and def. a few highly negatives, (I was and am not fully convinced to use the word "demon" in that location) That is a term used way to loosely now a days. If you have a demonic you may not even know it!

Freemason building

Freemason building pres. time

freemason building inside

freemason ghost

interesting image in the window?

C.P.R. had been researchig a local man that is buried in Oakdale Cemetery in Deland, Fl. His name is Roy Cook, to us he is and was a sorry excuse of a man, You see not only was Roy a mean S.O.B. he also was the grand high dragon in the 2nd ku klux klan by the time he was in his 30's or so. By installing fear and torture in others he thought he was doing Gods will. Roy passed in his mid 40's, locals say he passed because he had so much hate it him his body just gave in and his heart shut down, Not only was Roy involved with the klan he was also a Mason. Sitting in Downtown Deland is the old Freemason lodge that Cook was tied too. That is not the first, Lodge! The first one burnt down in the Deland fire in 1886, the brick one sits in it's footprints now. Although not used as a lodge anylonger it is reported to be haunted and something of an evil spirit also dwells inside! Reports some years back of the old owner was temp. possessed inside of the building on the upper floor, The ceremony level. He rolled and craweled across the floor spinging in a tongue he never even knew, old Latin. Although the building is now being gutted and remodled, Nothing ever lasts at the location, Some say the spirits will never let anything exist on the ground except for the evil doings that once was done there long long ago! We believe not only is Roy haunting his grave, But he also still visits the old Mason lodge (More to Come SOON!!!)



Strange supernatural occurrences happen around this ring.The ring once belonged to an old pop star (Mona Fandey) as she is known by Also known as Maznah Ismail. Mona Fandey wore this ring during the Luk Krok creation ceremony using the stillborn child, the product of her union with her Guru who directed this ceremony as part of her own initiation. This ring in time ended up on a cursed alter in Marie Glapion Baptiste home, Grand-Daughter to the great Voodoo Queen herself Marie Laveau! In her journal she made concerning this ring read; "Being worn during the dominion and will of Necromantic sorcery makes this a powerful talisman" , " It has tasted death, reincarnation and life in spirit form, and left an imprint on the ring." It is truly a cursed and haunted piece of history. C.P.R. may be doing a LIVE Stream of investigating this ring using the SCD-2 and try to get communication from Marie Glapion Baptiste or the insane necromancer/ killer herself Mona Fandey! You can also watch this video as it was recorded LIVE on Facebook.

I have tried to rule out this pictures for years. It is of myself and a friend of mine in Vermont, it is obviously winter time and she does have a cigarette in her hand. It's definitely not our breath. What do you think, is it her cig. or maybe something else?