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1st edition In Search of Dracula by Raymond McNally  $30 now $20



The Rite of Exorcism


The Supernatural Collection
Signs of Things to Come
Mysterious Powers
Healing Without Medicine
Ghost and Poltergeists
Dream Wolrds
Atlantis and Lost Lands
Strange Cults
The Geller Phenomenon
The Cosmic Influence

the encyclopedia of American Prisons   $20

Dracula was a woman, tale about Elizabeth Bathory  $ 5

"WICCA" the old religion in the new age  $ 5

1985 The Enchanted World "DRAGONS" by the editors of Time-Life books  $25

Great American Folklore

legends, tales, ballads, and superstitions from ALL across america   $10

A Clutch of vampires

         $ 5

Bloodsucking Fiends  $ 5

1985 The Enchanted World "THE FALL OF CAMELOT"  $25

1985 The Enchanted World "NIGHT CREATURES"   $25

The Woman of Wyrro  $8

in search of DRACULA  $5