F O R  S A K E N   L I B R A R Y

1st edition In Search of Dracula by Raymond McNally  $30 now $20



The Rite of Exorcism


the encyclopedia of American Prisons   $20

Dracula was a woman, tale about Elizabeth Bathory  $ 5

"WICCA" the old religion in the new age  $ 5

1985 The Enchanted World "DRAGONS" by the editors of Time-Life books  $25

Great American Folklore

legends, tales, ballads, and superstitions from ALL across america   $10

A Clutch of vampires

         $ 5

Bloodsucking Fiends  $ 5

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1985 The Enchanted World "NIGHT CREATURES"   $25

The Woman of Wyrro  $8

in search of DRACULA  $5