Special F/X images and set design shown on this page have been created / performed / articulated by Jason Cienki a.k.a "Bad Omen F/X" and Jocelyn Pittman owner of Side Show Nightmares. Jason's full resume can be researched on IMBD Pro site. Contracts start at $500.

"Blood and Soil" Written by Michael Aguiar, Set Design created by Side Show Nightmares

"All Hallows" (a.k.a. "OCTOBER") a film directed and produced by Karl Sundstrom, Check 2 Check films. Special F/X makeup and props executed by BAD OMEN F/X  

Cassadega Hotel "Coulrophobia"              Haunted house, makeup done by S.S.N.

"The Laughing Mask" Written and Directed by Michael Aguiar

"ABERRATION" The Official movie trailer

Directed/Produced by Douglas Elford Argent and 30 something productions. Written by Wendy Argent

Wolf's Museum of Mystery "The Movie" 

"Elizabeth Bathory" Bathroom created for Wolf's Museum of Mystery