John Wayne Gacy

March 1, 2015


 In January of this year we made a trip to Mary Hill Cemetery to recover a item that some of you may be interested in. Its an item that has been long sought after by some, but nearly impossible to find, The grave site of the Gacy family! To protect that actual location we can'not disclose exactly were the graves are located in the cemetery, but rest assured they do exist there. It is uncertain if 'Pogo the Clown" John Wayne Gacy remains (ashes) were buried with his folks, or scattered amongst the graves. There is also speculation his ashes are with his sister in Arkansas? No one will ever know for sure, One thing is for sure if his ashes were to be buried or scattered I am sure this would be the location, With his parents. Under Gacys house and in the backyard, police discovered 28 bodies.Five bodies were later found in a nearby river. Gacy was convicted of 33 counts of first degree murder, and sentenced to death's row, and countless appeals, he was put to death by lethal injection. Now only through us can you obtain dirt from the Gacy family burial plot, along with a C.O.A ! (certificate of authenticity) from SideShow Nightmares. The bottles of dirt IS LIMITED, this may be your only chance to own a relic of this kind, once they are gone, They may be gone FOREVER. . . So go to the killer collectable page and own a piece of the monster John Wayne Gacy

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