C.P.R. X-treme Monster Hunters

April 23, 2017

Although C.P.R. Exists in Chicago, here in Central State Florida. We are called C.P.R X-treme for a reason! There are plenty of "paranormal" groups bumping around in the dark checking tourist trap "haunts" (and some charge for you to follow them ) Those are fun for novelty but not what we are about. We excel at the lesser known, there for the people that are in fear of what is stalking them in the shadows, letting them know we are there for them to help find answers and solutions by investigation and high tech gear, and sometimes just sometimes we have to venture into places people are not meant to be and put our physical self's on the line.Although we take on a




lot of paranormal case's it has come time for us to grow even further into the unknown! We are gonna answer a call for a mystery / or should I say a legend that dwells deep inside the Ocala National Forest, With some coordinance in hand of the area it has been seen on many occasions C.P.R. X-treme is going after evidence of BIGFOOT! We have been locating lost towns deep within florida swamps that time has swallowed, So if the stories are true that have been reported, We will either find evidence, Or the Bigfoot himself

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